4 LA Podiatrists Named Healthcare Hero Finalists

DeltaStyle Magazine has announced the 2017 Healthcare Hero Finalists! The event honoring local healthcare professionals will be on Tuesday, June 20th at the West Monroe Louisiana Convention Center. (L-R) Drs. David Gardner, Luke Hunter, and Jeffrey Lux The podiatrist named finalists are: Drs. David G. Gardner, Luke Hunter, Jeffrey Lux, and Tomas Reeves. Source: Katie Burke, DeltaStyle Magazine [6/12/17]

Barking Dogs

When your dogs are barking and there is nothing you can do to quiet them down, come make and appointment with The Foot and Ankle Clinic of West Monroe!         With our podiatric expertise and modern medical technology, we will quiet those puppies right down for you! Click Here to Contact Us […]

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